Fifth Grade » Welcome to Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade

5th Grade


Fifth Grade Math focuses on multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals- concepts, skills, and problem solving.



In Fifth Grade E.L.A., we are using the Wit & Wisdom Curriculum to teach the North Carolina standards. Students are learning skills that help them read literature, read informational texts, write, speak and listen in the academic setting, and effectively use the English language with proper grammar. 



Fifth Grade Science focuses on the topics Forces and Motion, Matter:Properties and Changes, Energy: Conservation and Transfer, Earth Systems; Weather, Structures and Functions of Living Organisms, Ecosystems, and Evolution and Genetics.


Social Studies

North Carolina Fifth Grade Social Studies focuses on the study of American Foundations. Students are expected to read and answer questions on weekly articles. Students are able to access their articles through Social Studies Weekly on Clever or Google Classroom.



Students are expected to join live meetings daily via zoom and complete assignments daily via google classroom. 


CHAMPS Expectations 

Conversation: Your conversation level is a 0 unless I have called on you to share. Your microphone should be muted until you have been called on.

Help: If you need help, either raise your hand or type your question in the chat box.

Activity: I will explain to you what the lesson activities are. I will let you know when you complete assignments and what I expect from you.

Movement: You should have your computer set up in a spot in your home where you can be seen. You should not leave your computer during the class session unless there is an emergency.

Participation:   We expect that you will participate actively, just as if we were in the classroom. Your camera should be on during class time and test. You should not be up moving around, starting side conversations, or making other noises that will distract your classmates.

Success: If we follow all of these expectations daily during our live sessions, we will have success with virtual learning.